Saturday, September 5, 2009


Lately, things have been going pretty good, besides the whole work thing. Marcus and I are still going strong which is a great thing. Ask me a year ago September if I was be with this guy, the answer would've been a resounding no. lol Nothing against him, just I knew his past and how he was. However, the past few months I've seen the other side and have been pretty surprised at what I've found. I'm not going to get all mushy, not that would be just too gay.

His birthday was last month, so basically it was a week long event. I did the good deed of taking him out to Cheddar's, his choice of course. Then Sean and I met up with him later that weekend for his birthday bash. Wild Horse Saloon isn't my type of crowd or scene, but with enough drinks anything can be fun.

I've been missing my Kellie some, we got to hang out a couple weekends ago and it was a blast. We fell back into our old routine and just got plastered together to the wee hours of the morning.

Hmm, now I'm ready for Patrick's and and Megan's wedding, can't be a good Catholic wedding.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

It's been a little while

Hmm a few things have changed since my last post. For one, its summertime and its about damn time. We got summer started off pretty well with a lil float trip down the Illinois River. There was eighteen of us and we did the twelve mile. We had got off to a late start but we were finished around seven. The only part of me that got burned was the top of my head, but my arms and chest got a nice brown hue to them. The only picture I managed to get with my phone was Roberto passed out on the way home.

I also got to check out Andy's band, Dr. Squealsgood. They put on a good show and the dancers did help that. I plan on taking a few more people to see them again the last Thursday this month. If you get a chance you should definitely check them out. *cough*Kellie*cough*

And finally, I'm seeing how things go with Marcus. So far things have been pretty good and he gets along with all of my friends he has met so far. He did tell his close friend about us and it went over pretty well. I'm looking forward to all of us hanging out this Saturday and going to see The Hangover, I've heard its pretty good from Cass and a couple other people.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Skippin' school.

So I'm totally playing hookie today. But I really don't feel like going into to work. So I get to start my weekend early, kinda. I really don't have much planned for today, however last weekend was pretty fun.

Cass and Liz had come into town Friday night, so I told them I would meet up with them after work. They decided to go to Fishbones which is an okay bar. I showed up after work and Cass met me at the door then bought me a drink. We tried to have a conversation but the music was way too loud and it just wasn't possible. I got to meet Liz's friend Ron, who was cool, but his friend Katie not so much. I was actually had made plans to hang out with Marcus and Sara at Wildhorse Saloon but kind of backed out last minute since Cass was coming into town. So naturally I was texting both of them just seeing what they were going to be up to later. Well the crazy girl Katie tells me I need to stop texting and start dancing, which I wasn't nearly drunk enough nor interested in dancing with her. For the most part I just ignored her and she went away. The only highlight from Fishbones was an old 70 year old guy on the dance floor getting his groove on. After this Ron felt the need to dance and wanted to go elsewhere, he decided on Majestic. So Cass rode with me and Liz rode with Ron downtown. I even took the long way and we still had beat them there. We had a few drinks, I ran into a couple people that I work with but it was a much more chill and relaxed atmosphere, plus we could hear eachother talk. The only weird thing that happened here was some random guy came up to Liz and me and started rambling. Basically he was super drunk and saying he was gay and I was hot cause I'm a guy and she wasn' because she is a girl. That was really akward, so after a couple minutes of him rambling I just put my arm around Liz and the dude left us alone. We left a little while after that.

Saturday I didn't do much, it was pretty low key. Sean came over to watch the UFC fight. Had a few drinks and thats it. Although Kellie told me about Grant's band playing on a local tv show and that was cool to see him. I really thought they sounded good. Thats a show I'll have to go see live sometime.

Sunday afternoon I met up with Cass and Liz once more for lunch before they left. I didn't know that Liz was a Trekkie, we had a good conversation about Star Trek on Friday night. I know. two nerds talking Star Trek, how lame right? It was just fun getting to know Liz a little better because we have never really sat down and just talked. She is really a cool girl with a twisted sense of humor like Cass.

The one thing I am looking forward in a couple weeks is Mrs. Stone's birthday. It will be like our 10 year anniversary. What do people get for making it 10 years? 10 shots of jager? No, no, that would just be bad for the both of us.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Something new..

Well I was beckoned to start a new blog since it is the 'in' thing now. I do have an older one that I'll link at some point once I dust off the dirt on the link. I got a text from Kellie today and it just so apparent how old we are getting. She found an old Christmas card I gave back in like 2002 or 2003, and with it being 2009, just made me think of all the things we have been through together. Some good and some bad. But we have stuck together through thick and thin. But all of our friends are getting married or are married and having kids. I guess its about my time to add world population, but I honestly doubt that will happen anytime soon. Well that's all I got for now. More to come later.