Sunday, June 7, 2009

It's been a little while

Hmm a few things have changed since my last post. For one, its summertime and its about damn time. We got summer started off pretty well with a lil float trip down the Illinois River. There was eighteen of us and we did the twelve mile. We had got off to a late start but we were finished around seven. The only part of me that got burned was the top of my head, but my arms and chest got a nice brown hue to them. The only picture I managed to get with my phone was Roberto passed out on the way home.

I also got to check out Andy's band, Dr. Squealsgood. They put on a good show and the dancers did help that. I plan on taking a few more people to see them again the last Thursday this month. If you get a chance you should definitely check them out. *cough*Kellie*cough*

And finally, I'm seeing how things go with Marcus. So far things have been pretty good and he gets along with all of my friends he has met so far. He did tell his close friend about us and it went over pretty well. I'm looking forward to all of us hanging out this Saturday and going to see The Hangover, I've heard its pretty good from Cass and a couple other people.